For Landlords – Should You Install A Smart Thermostat

For Landlords – Should You Install A Smart Thermostat

In this growing world, the importance is staying on the larger side to automate the homes. And Thermostat is a crucial part of that. Smart Thermostats add convenience to the living place. But are the landlord owners responsible to include Thermostat in their properties?

It lowers the heating costs and saves energy significantly. A thermostat allows people to control the temperature as per the weather, time of day and usage. You can heat or cool any unit whenever you want.

Smart Thermostats are compatible with almost all heating and cooling systems. It is a great improvement to the property. If you are going for properties to buy or rent in Coventry then take this feature as your consideration.

It depends on the landlord owner whether he is to provide the facility or it is an additional requirement.

Top Advantages Of Installing A Smart Thermostat

  1. Attract New Renters And Retain Them

In this fragile world, securing a quality tenant is challenging and competitive. If you can provide the latest facilities then getting quality customers will become easy. Recent reports state that on average of 32% of people prefer the properties that have an in-built Thermostat in them. They believe it will make the property more interesting rather than any normal one.

It is quite true that having a Thermostat in the property delivers extreme comfortability. And renters or tenants don’t want to leave the property so they become permanent ones most of the time. That means you can secure and retain them successfully. Ultimately, it is good for your business.

  1. Increase The Rent

Data also states an interesting fact – 23% of renters believe that living home with the latest & smart technology is totally worth paying the high rent. That means, it opens up a great opportunity for you. Whenever you put an ad for properties to buy or rent in Coventry, make sure to mention the Thermostat feature. People can even go for premium payment of the rent if they feel it is worth it.

You can increase the rent by giving a proper explanation. It is ideal for renters who want to renew their lease. You can explain all the reasons about why the upcharge in the rent. You can give explanations that how much they can save the energy rather than paying the rent for the utilities. People will understand and they will surely go for the increased rent.

  1. Save Money For utility Payment

For the property owners or landlords who manage multi-family residences, they found no better way to divide the heating bills among the families. As a result, you can save some money here. Smart Thermostats can make the energy units cost-effective as much as possible by controlling the heating issues remotely.

Monitor if your renters are paying the heating bills or not. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of delivering the best service as well as saving some money. On the other prospect, if your unit is vacant then you don’t have to worry about it. You can get the right idea of total usage across all the available properties.

Now you understand why it is important to go for a property with a Smart Thermostat facility. We are the best Estate Agent in Coventry and TOS properties & Lettings will always give you flexibility in picking your priority of staying.

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