Top 7 Ways To Spot & Avoid Fake Landlord References Trap

When you have an empty property or rental then the situation becomes tough to find a tenant. And above all, vacancy of property brings more financial pressure as well. That is why you should focus on the screening process of property to sell or rent as a property investor or owner.

As the landlord, you will always want to create a stable landlord-tenant relationship based on trust, transparency and communication. It is crucial to look for the tenants with clean records and not with a history of disturbing relationships with the tenants in the past.

Play Detective And Spot The Trap

In the hopes to find your best or ideal tenant, you should step up on your screening process and judge which one is fake and which one is real.

Here are the top 7 tips to find out –

  • Call the number who is looking for a rental but not as a landlord. It’s time to put some good acting and call the number as a renter. Play the role and tell that you are looking for properties and see the reply. If it’s a simple yes or no then good but if the answer becomes confusing then know more and give it a red flag.
  • Analyze the overall responses of the tenant and check if it’s vague or accurate.
  • Check out the social media profiles of your tenant like checking on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The same goes for checking landlord profiles as well.
  • Check if the tenant has filled up all the requested details of your property to sell or rent advertisement. Verify the details on your own. Apply the same for landlords.
  • You need to check land records and property tax. Verify if the name and address match or not.
  • You need to cross-reference the phone numbers multiple times. If the result doesn’t match then it is a concerning issue.
  • Ask for a piece of specific information that will be possible only for a landlord to know and answer.

The Best Platform To Find Your Ideal Property

When the need is high, you may go for a random tenant without performing a proper past tenant-landlord background check. To some extent, it doesn’t matter if the tenants follow your rules.

Always look at the best portals and here is your suggestion – visit TOS Properties & Lettings, the best real estate agent in Coventry. They always list the genuine properties and the same is applicable for tenants as well. The renowned property portal doesn’t encourage fake listings and blacklist them instantly.

So, live life by fulfilling your property goals with stable tenants.

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